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As They Burn the Past to the Ground

RENT: The Movie
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Tired of people rolling their eyes and telling you that certain movie rumors are old news? Wanna know the latest gossip? Need to express your opinion on how < fill in the blank > would have been absolutely perfect for the role of < blank >? Want a comfort zone for your sentiment on how adapting the musical to screen is complete and utter blasphemy? Want to say soundtrack and not get backlashed for it??? Well you've come to the right place!

That's right! You've come to the first community devoted specifically to the movie adaptation of the award-winning musical RENT where if you've got an opinion or just want to keep up with the most current news, this is the place for you!

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Welcome and General Info, Updated: 9/20/05

New Community Rules
As of: 9/20/05

Post-Movie Discussion Guidelines
As of: 3/27/06

What You Should Know: Early 2004 Warner Bros. Pictures bought the film rights from Miramax Films and gave screenplay adaptation and directorial duties to Chris Columbus. Columbus, who is producing the film under his 1942 Films production company, is most known for directing the first two 'Harry Potter' and 'Home Alone' movies. His directorial debut was 1991's 'Adventures in Babysitting', which just so happened to co-star future Rent castmember Anthony Rapp. The film was distributed by Revolution Studios and given a late 2005 release.

"I've been obsessed with the play for years. It's the best musical ever," [Columbus] said. "I also feel the message is really important in today's world." - Chicago Sun-Times, 5/28/04

Current Movie Status: Complete.

Release Date: November 23, 2005 (USA). For international release dates, click here.

Official Website: The Official Movie Website was launched (5/11/05). Here you can read about the movie progression through behind-the-scenes updates from the cast as well as Jonathan Larson's sister, Julie Larson.

This Community is Rated

A Few General Guidelines:
    1. Be courteous to eachother. We're all entitled to our own opinions but please try to be respectful. Remember that there are living, breathing human beings somewhere sitting behind a computer screen just like you so please, do unto others...
    2. Flamers/pointless spammers will be banned.
    3. Use a lj-cut for long posts, multiple icons (3+), or large pictures.
    4. Have fun!

m e a s u r e i n l o v e ♥ 11. 23. 05

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